Getting Started

Some years ago I learnt beekeeping with Langstroth hives in our cool Tasmanian climate. I loved the experience. The world of bees is incredible. The course was run by a beekeeping association with vast experience in commercial beekeeping. Ninety percent of us were interested in small back yard hives. Thankfully some of our tutors were master beekeepers who loved their bees and treated them with respect and care.  And while many old practices are largely gone, there was still an emphasis on hive manangement, the use of chemicals and the use of plastics in hives with no comment on how these practices impacts on the colony. 

Fortunately the world was awakening to a new era of beekeeping which is tranforming the values and principles we bring to our role as guardians. The internet brought an explosion of new hives and new science to the art.  My keen interest in eating naturally grown foods and avoiding pesticides and plastics (sometimes referred to as the new asbestos) has now been able to merge into my beekeeping.

I want to keep our bees alive and healthy... our future, our health, our happiness is intimately related to our pollinators.

And the extra bonus is they are the most fascinating and amazing social organisation and we can learn much from them.

We now have quite a number of people in Tasmania pursuing natural beekeeping practices and this 'b blog' will be my avenue to share my experiences, promote the values and principles of natural beekeeping and encourage others in their interest in bees.