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Our honey is most unique. It is full of nutritious and medicinal qualities and has been cared for through the year to ensure the best environment for our bees. Our bees are never robbed of honey. In some years we refuse to harvest honey if we believe the bees will have difficulties with food supply during winter. The bees come first. We do not want them to starve. We do not want to feed them sugar syrup which markedly changes the acidity of the hive and places them at risk of disease. Sugar is bad for us and our bees and it is unfortunate that much of the honey now imported and indeed some local honey is indeed sugar syrup rather than honey.

Our honey is very carefully prepared by hand using top quality, food-grade equipment. It is not heated nor filtered preserving the natural waxes, pollens and propolis in the honey. Pure honey will naturally crystalyze in the jar. This tendency is natural and is an excellent indication that you have natural honey.  Storing the honey in glass, in a cool dark place with a tight fitted lid helps to preserve the honey longer as will a warmer environment.

We are a treatment free apiary and our local council actively supports a spray free permit to protect our bees.

We do not move our bees and so our harvest does not chase varietal nectars. Our honey varies from month to month as the species of trees, bushes, orchard and berry varieties flower along with a wide range of grasses, and urban vegetation.

Our forty bees south honey is in such demand that we sell only to those on our waiting list. If you wish to be on our waiting list for honey, please use the contact form below to join the crowd.

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